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According to gong zhong jin shan


The "collection" of yongzheng nine years (1731), "this year's storage" records precisely:



Two glass panes, a total of 24 fans, zubinggui jin.

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That is to say, in the history of guangdong, guangdong and guangdong supervision and inspection, the imperial history really once presented two glass panes to the emperor, each of which was 12, a total of 24!



This kind USES Europe to import transparent glass, the new luxury that is processed and become in guangzhou, be presented to emperor all the way from far away treasure commonly, visible its expensive degree is extraordinary.

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Huang hua li edge inlaid with mother-of-pearl painting glass screen



The screen is naturally floor-type, the size is huge, and as many as 12, the screen face is set with glass, its transport difficulty can be imagined.



Since then, qianlong period emperor qianlong loved red sandalwood, and red sandalwood inlay painting glass kang screen into the palace records Cochrane review.



The height of the glass wall hanging screen in the flower pear frame of qianlong in qing dynasty was 93.5cm by 70cm



According to gong zhong jin shan:



On December 18, 2008, the governor of guangdong and guangdong province, together with su chang of guangdong customs, and fang lu jin of guangdong customs supervisor: Red sandalwood inlaid glass low screen;

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On the 2nd day of the 1st of may, the 47th year of the reign of emperor qianlong, guangdong customs supervisor julaoba yansan, etc Red sandalwood carved magnolia inlaid glass frame screen 12.