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opportunity to build something better


The team also found the most used existing application for couples to manage their finances together is spreadsheets — hence spying an opportunity to build something better.

“If financial literacy is bad in this country, spreadsheet literacy is almost as bad,” says park. “18 per cent of couples that we surveyed are using spreadsheets. And it was 3x over any 
other app or service. And so we’re setting out to build a better alternative to these spreadsheets that couples are co-managing.”

“If nothing else we’re automatically updating your balances and activity, whereas a spreadsheet can’t do that,” he adds.

A key friction point the app aims to address is to enable users to choose how much information they share.

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“One of the hesitation points that we saw in a lot of the couples was that they didn’t necessary want to argue about the little things,” he explains. “Did you take Uber vs Lyft, The 
number one argument we read in a study was over frivolous purchases. So a lot of couples said that they want to goal set and plan but they don’t necessarily want to argue about did they make 
frivolous purchases. So one of the features we allow you to is we allow you to track your account balances but choose what you want to share.

“So you can choose which accounts you want to share, you can choose whether you just want to share the balance only. Or whether you also want to share activity and transactions as well.”

“We looked at… existing tools like and others, and they are generally not collaborative in nature,” he adds. “One of the friction points for a lot of couples is choosing what 
they want to share with each other. Choosing how much of their finances that they want to delegate vs collaborate on.”

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The Honeydue app soft launched on iOS in late January and Android in March. They have around 20,000 registered users at this point. The app is currently US-only.

“We skew female, I believe it’s 60 per cent. Which makes us relatively unique relative to other personal finance apps,” he adds.

“What’s interesting is from a generational perspective and a behavioral perspective we’re seeing that Millennials are more likely to co-manage their finances together as opposed to 



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